Wish list

Wish list for The Wise Woods Project

Thank you for being part of this very special project and helping us to prove the power of nature connection.”

Michelle & Sue,

Woodland Guardians at
The Wise Woods Project

Why we need your help!

The Wise Woods Project is another not-for-profit initiative from The Wisdom Space. We want to demonstrate the impact of nature connection and to inspire other woodland owners to open up their healing spaces with a low cost, low risk model with proven benefits.

We also believe in treading lightly and living sustainably. For this reason, we’re making full use of everything we have inherited at the site and re-using and repairing existing items rather than buying in new items. Our wish list below includes all of the items we would like to realise our vision at the site and the expertise we need to make this happen. If you have any of these, please do get in touch and a BIG thank you in advance.

But first, a thank you

We would like to say thank you to all of our supporters and donors in the community so far. Our thanks first and foresmost must go to Sandy Bunn as the owner of the woodland for allowing us to use this magical space. But we would also like to acknowledge the help of Zoe Bowcott (artist in residence), Helen Baker (colour and craft consultant), and all of our friends and family who have helped us to clear leaves, move equipment, chop logs and steward this land. We are so grateful for all the energy and donations however big or small.


    Equipment wish list

    • Long craft table (ideally folding and 1.5m+)
    • Folding wooden chairs
    • Gas burners (for kitchen)
    • Dutch oven
    • Stainless steel / cast iron kitchen cookware
    • Large cool box
    • Metal serving bowls
    • Kitchen utensils
    • Enamel plates and bowls (we need 20 of each)
    • Washing up bowls
    • Camping kettle (5 L)
    • Wooden countertops
    • Wooden shelves
    • Wooden desk or desk top
    • Wooden benches
    • Willow arch
    • Wood for raised beds
    • Green roof (plants and expertise!)
    • Solar fairy and / or festoon lights
    • Solar panels (and expertise in installing them!)
    • Rechargeable leisure battery
    • Hot composter
    • Gardening tools
    • Large swing bench
    • Bird, bat and owl boxes
    • Toad and hedgehog boxes

      Plants wish list

      • Fruit trees (cherry, apple, pear, mulberry, walnut)
      • Winter honeysuckle
      • Pond plants
      • Pollinator plants
      • Herbs (indigienous to UK)

      Expertise & skills wish list

      • Carpenters
      • Gardeners
      • Foragers
      • Wildlife experts
      • Any other sustainable skills such as whittling, weaving, spinning etc.

      If you can help with any of this or would like to explore becoming a volunteer – send us an email! Thank you.

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