The Elders


We are delighted to have inspiring local people to act as guides and mentors on our Board of Elders. This Board helps us to ensure that The Wisdom Space continues to meet its purpose and that it evolves for the good of the community.

You can find out more about Elders below, including why they became an Elder for The Wisdom Space.

We welcome enquires from anyone who would like to find out more about becoming an Elder in the future through our Contact Us page.

Elder Sue Brayne

Sue Brayne is an author, speaker and podcast host. She has written several books on how to talk more honestly and openly about death and dying and is the creator of the Granny Mo picture books which help young children and adults to talk together about death and dying. She regularly facilitates Death Cafes and hosts Embracing Your Mortality, a podcast that explores our relationship with death, dying and consciousness.

‘We are all experiencing such massive changes both globally and individually, and I believe this is a chance to do things differently. The Wisdom Space offers the opportunity to bring us together as a community to explore what really matters as our uncertain future continues to unfold.’

Paul Wilson is a former head of community mental health services and strategic lead for the prevention of mental health issues and avoidable illnesses. He is now a trainer, writer and speaker on health inequalities, health culture and self-care. Paul is particularly interested in using practical philosophy to improve self-care practice – as it gives people consolation, inspiration and hope during times of great difficulty. 

‘Wisdom is the world’s most precious resource, and it is in critically short supply. I will gladly work with any organisation that aims to propagate wisdom and restore it to prominence in our personal lives and work practices.’  

Paul Wilson
Sue Judge Elder

Sue Judge is a Nutritional Therapist, corporate wellbeing coach and Living Well facilitator for one of the UK’s leading cancer charities Penny Brohn in Bristol. She is passionate about nature and has a thirst for seeking knowledge to life’s deeper questions. 

‘I am honoured to be part of The Wisdom Space, to hold space for open curiosity where we can join together to explore what really matters. Commnity is one of the building blocks of society and I believe that we are defnied by our compassion and humanity towards others.

Dr Edward Presswood is a consultant in palliative medicine living in Bradford on Avon. Ed grew up in Bath and worked as a doctor in London, Cardiff and Aukland. Whilst working in Cardiff, his team was awarded the NHS Wales Award (2019) for delivering patient-centred services.  Ed has spoken on Radio 4 and has been showcased by The New Statesman for his talk on decision making in the NHS.

I am so happy to support The Wisdom Space’s goal of ‘exploring what matters most’ and for creating a forum for the exchange of diverse ideas that can enrich the lives of the local community in Bradford on Avon.’

Dr. Ed Presswood
Helen Saunders

Helen Baker is passionate about social change through craftivism; a gentle yet effective form of protest that combines craft and activism. Her craftivism campaign to encourage women to have smear tests has been so successful that it featured in a BBC4 documentary called ‘Craftivism: Making a Difference’. Helen is also a marketer, working part time with small businesses who want to make a big impact and also for Pahar Trust Nepal, a Bristol-based charity that builds schools to improve education in remote Himalayan villages in Nepal. To read more about Helen and her work, please visit

‘I am thrilled that The Wisdom Space has been set up to benefit and enrich our thriving community. Wisdom allows us the opportunity to be curious, to listen, learn, grow and change, sending out small ripples that may lead to bigger more impactful change.’

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