Monthly Gatherings

Our monthly gatherings usually take place on the first Tuesday of every month. We welcome inspiring local guest speakers and performers to share their wisdom. These gatherings take place in the atmospheric surrounds of Cru Wines which is located in the historic centre of Bradford on Avon. We start at 7.30pm with doors opening at 7.15pm and end at 9.30pm. We ask for a suggested minimum donation to keep our events accessible to all and a very warm welcome awaits.  

Sept: “Meditations on wisdom” with Chris Nuttall at the Ton Boon Temple

Ton Boon Temple

When: Tues 13 Sept 2022, 7.30-9.30pm

Where: Ton Boon Temple, BA15 1BY

Join us for this special event which will be held in the tranquil surrounds of the Ton Boon temple in Bradford on Avon. Through guided meditations (suitable for all levels), calming Qigong, gentle mindful movement and compassionate conversation, Chris will lead us through an exploration of Buddhist philosophy and teachings on wisdom. This includes how wisdom helps us to perceive the true nature of reality,  ways in which we can cultivate greater wisdom and the importance of meditative practice.

Chris is a dharma teacher, yoga and meditation instructor, and conscious dance facilitator. He is part of a collective of dharma teachers, facilitators and volunteers at the not-for-profit Ton Boon Buddhist Community Group which works alongside Ton Boon Dharma to offer meditation activities, yin and restorative yoga workshops and meditation retreats.

Oct: “The wisdom of good listening” with Sue Brayne and Tessa Stacey

Sue Brayne and Tessa Stacey

When: Tues 04 Oct 2022, 7.30-9.30pm

Where: Cru Wines Emporium, BA15 1JX

What does it feel like when someone talks at you, tries to fix you, talks over you, or starts to lecture you? How does it feel when someone interrupts you and starts to tell you about their experience instead? How does it feel when someone pauses and gives you their full and present attention, free of judgement or advice? 

One of the great gifts we can give each other is to listen, but few of us know how to do this. This practical good listening skills session is a golden opportunity to learn simple, yet deeply effective skills that can transform relationships with your partner, children,  friends, and work colleagues. You will learn how to listen to yourself, recognise when you have stopped listening to someone else because of your own internal agenda, and how to create a safe, open, and receptive space for honest conversations to take place.

The session is led by Sue Brayne who has trained numerous people, including therapists and counsellors, in good listening skills, and Tessa Stacey, a group therapist with specialised training in Non-Violent Communication

Nov“The Wisdom of preparing for caring” with Jane Diamond

Jane Diamond

When: Tues 01 Nov 2022, 7.30-9.30pm

Where: Cru Wines Emporium, BA15 1JX

As we get older, the likelihood of needing extra care for activities of day-to-day living increases. Many of us will play a caring role for our parents, partners, and even friends and family. However, we often don’t prepare for caring early enough and are left facing into caring during a crisis when emotions are running high.

Drawing upon her many years of experience as a psychotherapist, funeral director, and end-of-life doula, Jane will guide us through practical steps we can take now. This includes having difficult conversations around care and end of life wishes (both with ourselves and our loved ones) and the considering things like advance

Nov: “Plants – connecting our inner and outer worlds” with Simon Mills MA FCPP FNIMH 

Simon Mills

When: Tues 29 Nov 2022, 7.30-9.30pm

Where: Cru Wines Emporium, BA15 1JX

Simon Mills is a world-renowned authority on herbalism and a pioneer in promoting the healing power of herbs. During this two-hour event, Simon will open us up to the incredible power of plants and show us how herbs and spices can help to keep ourselves and our families well, as well as ground our health in a more meaningful relationship with nature. Bring your notebooks as this session will be packed full of great insights and take-home recipes!

Simon has been a herbal practionner for over 40 year and is an acclaimed international speaker and author.  He is also Herbal Strategist at Pukka Herbs, Self-Care Lead at the College of Medicine, Chief Herbal Officer at and, with co-author Kerry Bone, set up the Mills and Bone Academy as a leading training resource for herbal practitioners.

Note: this is our Dec event moved forward to Nov to make space for festive celebrations. 

Jan 2023: The Wisdom of intention and manifestation” with Amanda Beswick

Amanda Beswick

When: Tues 10 Jan 2022, 7.30-9.30pm

Where: Cru Wines Emporium, BA15 1JX

As we start the new year, many of us will set new goals and make resolutions to live a more fulfilled life. Yet, our negative unconscious thought processes can hold us back, leaving us feeling that something isn’t right or understanding we need to make changes but not knowing how. Transformational life coach Amanda Beswick will show us how we can take control of our lives and start intentionally bringing more meaning and purpose into our lives rather than reacting to things we don’t want or can’t change. 

Amanda has dedicated her life to studying the principles of transformation and manifestation, including 10 years studying wisdom traditions at a modern-day Mystery School, followed by many years studying Shamanic practices and running her own Homeopathic and energetic healing practice. Prepare to start your new year with powerful insights – this event could change your life.









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